Composite veneers are an affordable and popular cosmetic dental treatment to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your natural teeth. But before opting for composite veneers, it is important to understand the cost and other aspects of the procedure. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the cost of composite veneers. From the composition of composite veneers to their longevity, we will cover all the important factors that help you make an informed choice.

What are Composite Veneers?

Composite veneers are thin shells bonded onto the teeth’ surface to improve their appearance and function. They are made from a tooth-coloured resin material with several advantages over traditional porcelain veneers, such as lower cost and easier repairs. Composite veneers are perfect for those who want to improve the appearance of their teeth without sacrificing too much of the tooth structure.

Composite Veneers Treatment

Composite veneers require multiple appointments with a cosmetic dentist to prepare and apply the veneers. The dentist will examine your teeth during the initial appointment and determine the desired tooth structure. A mould of the tooth’s surface will then be taken to create the custom veneer. During the following appointments, the dentist will apply the composite material to your tooth’s surface and cure it with a special light. Finally, the dentist will shape and polish the composite veneer to match the shape and colour of your natural teeth.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Composite Veneers

Material Costs

The material used to create composite veneers influences the overall cost. While both porcelain and composite veneers use resin material, the construction of each material differs, resulting in a difference in cost. As stronger and more durable, porcelain veneers tend to have a higher price tag than composite veneers.

 Dentist’s Fees

Cosmetic dentists charge fees according to their skill level and experience. Some dentists charge more due to their geographic location or the technology used in the procedure. Researching and obtaining quotes from several cosmetic dentists is best to understand the typical cost better.

 Geographic Location

The cost of composite veneers changes across different locations. Areas with a higher overhead cost will often charge more than areas with a lower cost of living. It is always useful to compare the cost of composite veneers from dental clinics with similar geographic locations.

Number of Teeth Being Treated

The cost of composite veneers for multiple teeth will be higher than for a single tooth. However, some cosmetic dentists may offer a discount for multiple teeth. It is best to inquire with your principal dentist to help compare the cost across dental clinics.

The Complexity of the Case

Cases with more severe dental problems, such as discoloured teeth, crooked teeth, or other issues, will require more skills, time and work from a cosmetic dentist. Thus, such a case will affect the composite veneers’ overall cost.

Additional Treatments or Procedures Required

Finally, the need for additional treatments or procedures will increase the overall cost of composite veneers. Such treatments or procedures include dental bonding, tooth whitening, tooth filling, or any other dental procedures that may be necessary.


dental crowns sydneyIt’s important to understand that dental insurance is more complex than medical insurance. Many dental insurance plans have limitations or exclusions regarding cosmetic procedures such as composite veneers, meaning they may not be fully covered. However, there are still some considerations to make when buying insurance to help cover the cost of this treatment.

The first thing to do is to check with your potential insurance provider if they offer policies that cover cosmetic dental procedures. They can offer packages that cover a portion (or even the full cost) of composite veneer treatment. It’s important to thoroughly read the policy details and exclusions to understand what will and will not be covered. Often, policies that offer cosmetic dental coverage will have higher monthly premiums, so it’s important to weigh up the cost of the policy against what you would otherwise spend on composite veneer treatment.

It’s also important to understand that some upfront costs may be associated with composite veneer treatment, which insurance does not cover. This may include consultation fees or any preparatory work that needs to be carried out before the veneer treatment can commence. Working with your principal dentist to understand these costs and budget is important.

Cost of Composite Veneers

The cost of composite veneers varies depending on the treatment required and the dental clinic you choose. Generally, composite veneers are less expensive than porcelain veneers because they are easier to manufacture and apply. A single composite veneer can cost about $250, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the region you live in.

Comparison to Porcelain Veneers

Cost-wise, composite veneers are a more budget-friendly option than porcelain veneers. While porcelain veneers cost about $800 per tooth, composite veneers only set you back at about $400 per tooth. Composite veneers are made of resin material, while porcelain veneers are created by layering multiple layers of ceramic materials, making them more expensive. Composite veneers are your best bet if you’re searching for a more affordable dental veneer treatment.

Natural teeth come in different shades, and porcelain veneers can be specifically made to match natural tooth colour and shape. The translucency of the porcelain is higher than the composite material. Composite veneers can be custom-blended to match your natural tooth colour, providing a more natural-looking appearance. The resin material also replicates the appearance of tooth enamel, making it a great material choice for veneers. When you opt for composite veneers, you get to keep your natural tooth structure, and the dentist works to create a more defined-looking tooth surface that blends in seamlessly.

Composite veneers are a more effective treatment for multiple teeth or a few teeth. Porcelain veneers are better suited for patients who desire an almost perfect smile because they mask flaws but not necessarily the tooth structure. Composite veneers work best for teeth with minimal to moderate levels of decay and for patients whose teeth have not received excessive dental wear and tear. The tooth enamel only requires minimal removal with composite veneers before the veneer is fixed. Additionally, composite veneer treatment can be carried out in a single session without anaesthesia.damaged or missing teeth sydney

Composite veneers last as long as porcelain veneers, provided that you maintain good oral hygiene and adhere to periodic dental visit schedules. It’s also easy to whiten composite veneers by simply having a whitening session; it’s not easy to attain the same results with porcelain veneers. A cosmetic dentist specialising in composite veneers can perform touch-ups, repairs, or replacements on the same material used during the initial procedure.


In conclusion, composite veneers are an effective tooth enhancement solution that provides a natural-looking result without breaking the bank. The cost of composite veneers is significantly lower than that of porcelain veneers, so they are a popular choice for individuals looking to enhance their smile. Keeping good oral hygiene and avoiding food and drinks that can stain teeth maximises the longevity of composite veneers, so they are a low-maintenance option as well. With composite veneer treatment being relatively quick and less expensive than other cosmetic options, it’s no surprise that more and more people are opting for this solution to achieve a perfect smile. Contact us today to book your first appointment with our professional dentists at Sydney Dental Group!


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