Age and food-related stains mean that many people are unhappy with the colour of their teeth and want to know how to keep their teeth white. There are many options available, including low-concentration teeth whitening products you can use at home. However, to get guaranteed results fast, your best option is professional in-chair teeth whitening treatments

For a brighter smile, visit Sydney Dental Group. Our dentists can discuss all your options and answer questions about how to keep your teeth white before deciding on the appropriate teeth whitening treatment for you.


What are the Dental Teeth Whitening Treatments Available

Stains occur when dark pigments from food, drink, and tobacco penetrate tooth enamel. When you eat and drink, a thin film forms over your teeth called the pellicle layer, which traps colour pigments. If you don’t remove this film with regular brushing, the pigments are absorbed by the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel, causing them to appear yellow or grey. Professional teeth whitening treatments disperse these colour pigments and give your teeth a whiter appearance.

It is important to visit your dentist before considering a teeth whitening procedure because not all teeth whitening treatments work for every patient. Your dentist will consider several factors, including previous dental work and your overall oral health, when determining your eligibility for a whitening treatment. 

Before teeth whitening, your dentist will treat any gum disease symptoms or cavities. If you have dental crowns, veneers, or fillings, they cannot be whitened, so your dentist will match the shade of your teeth whitening treatment to the colour of your restorations to ensure a seamless smile. 

At Sydney Dental Group, we offer several teeth whitening options to give you a brighter smile.


In-Chair Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment

treatment how to keep teeth white baulkham hillsIf you want a whiter smile in under an hour, try Philips Zoom Whitening Treatment at Sydney Dental Group. Your dentist protects your lips and gums from the bleaching gel by covering them with a protective gel. Then, they apply a light-activated hydrogen peroxide-based gel directly to your teeth. 

The blue UV light helps the gel penetrate your enamel, where an oxidation reaction breaks up the staining pigments. The gel is rinsed off after 15 minutes.

The dentist repeats this process up to three times, followed by the application of a fluoride gel, so your teeth are less sensitive after teeth whitening.


Take-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment

We offer Philips Zoom at-home teeth whitening treatments for mild staining, touch-ups between dental visits, and individuals not in a rush to whiten their teeth for an event.

The bleach concentration is slightly lower than in-chair teeth whitening, so it may take up to 14 days for you to notice results.

Your dentist customises a tray that fits your teeth perfectly for you to use at home. You are provided with carefully measured doses of bleaching gel, which you inject into the tray and place over your teeth for 30-90 minutes, depending on the strength of the gel. 

You can also ask your dentist about using night-time teeth whitening trays so you can achieve a whiter smile as you sleep. 


How to Keep Teeth White After Whitening Treatment?

To ensure the longevity of your new whiter smile, ask your dentist about how to keep your teeth white for as long as possible. Some effective methods include:


Avoid Dark-Coloured Foods and Drinks

Avoid foods and drinks that can stain your teeth for the first 48 hours after your teeth whitening treatment, as your enamel needs time to remineralise to help repel stains. Some foods and drinks to avoid:

  • Dark-coloured drinks like coffee and tea
  • Acidic drinks such as fruit juice
  • Acidic food like oranges and lemons that can damage your enamel
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Tomato-based sauces


However, it is safe to eat the following foods after your teeth whitening treatment:

  • Fish and white meat such as chicken
  • Colourless drinks like water
  • Non-acidic fruits such as bananas and coconuts


Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

Follow a regular oral hygiene routine after teeth whitening. Brush twice a day, and remember to floss at least once a day. Use an antiseptic mouthwash once a day to eliminate bacteria. 

Using a whitening toothpaste occasionally can help remove tough stains between dental visits. Whitening toothpaste contains mildly abrasive ingredients to scrub plaque from your teeth. Ask your Sydney dentist if whitening toothpaste is a good option for your smile.  


Think About Touch-Up Treatments

Your teeth whitening results will not last forever depending on your overall lifestyle and diet, including whether you drink coffee or tea or eat acidic foods. Even after professional teeth whitening, touch-up treatments may be necessary to maintain your desired shade. A touch-up can help brighten your smile again and eliminate stains on your teeth caused by what you eat or drink. 


For a Brighter Smile, Visit the Sydney Dental Group

Keeping your teeth bright requires regular exams and cleanings by your dentist after whitening. A professional deep cleaning twice a year can help remove plaque below the gum line and eliminate the tartar that makes your teeth look yellow.  

If you want a smile that you are proud to share, Sydney Dental Group in Baulkham Hills can help. We provide in-chair and take-home whitening treatments that are designed for a brighter smile. To find out how you can keep your teeth white, call us on (02) 9158 6135.

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