As we age, our teeth naturally begin to lose some of their brightness, and any damage your teeth may have experienced over the years may become more noticeable. Restoring a smile to its fullest potential sometimes requires the use of thin ceramic or composite slices known as veneers, which attach securely to the front of teeth to create a flawless front to each tooth.

When done properly, porcelain veneers stay in place for decades. You can brush and floss your teeth like usual without fear of dislodging the veneers, and because the veneers are flush with the tooth underneath, food and drink cannot get trapped behind them.

However, low-quality dental veneers can pose a serious risk to your dental health. Although it’s possible to get porcelain veneers in Thailand for a lower price, it’s much better to get them from a fully licensed and vetted dentist here in Australia.


The Porcelain Veneers Process

Getting fitted for dental veneers starts with your dentist’s assessment to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Factors that may affect your suitability include the size and shape of your teeth and existing chips and cracks. Very damaged teeth may be poor candidates for veneers, but most patients’ incisors and canines are in good enough shape to receive veneers, even if they are stained and chipped. 

If your dentist thinks veneers are a good option, the next step is the custom shaping and colour selection process.

Your dentist helps you select a shade of white that is whiter than your existing teeth but is still realistic. The measurement and shaping process involves photographing your teeth and taking at least one impression of your teeth.

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During your second visit, your dentist will attach a temporary version of your dental veneers to your teeth so you can see how they look. If they fit right and look exactly how you want, then a final permanent set can be attached on your next visit. Permanently attaching the veneers requires your dentist to grind down the surface of each tooth.

Because porcelain veneers are permanent, they require extensive measurement and double-checking before the final product is installed. This means that properly-installed veneers typically require three separate visits over a few weeks. The rigor of this process means your veneers will be picture-perfect. 


Why You Need an Excellent Dentist?

Much of the work of creating dental veneers is the job of an outside laboratory that carefully creates the custom veneers to fit your teeth. However, your dentist is responsible for providing initial measurements and installing the porcelain veneers, making him or her a critical part of the process.

Your dentist’s skills ensure that you’re comfortable during the procedure. Since porcelain veneers require a small amount of grinding and keeping your mouth open for a long period, you deserve a dentist who pays attention to your needs.

A reliable local dentist will also be able to provide any support you need in the long-term as well.

For example, if you experience a significant injury and chip one of your porcelain veneers, it’s best to go back to the same dentist for repair and support. Your dentist will already have your dental records and specifics of your veneer size and placement, making repairs easier.


Thailand vs Australia

Some dental patients have tried to get porcelain veneers in Thailand, especially in Bangkok or Phuket, because of the lower cost there. The price per tooth is significantly less for porcelain veneers, making dental vacations a tempting option for adventurous travellers.

However, Australia has exacting dental work standards, thanks to the Dental Board of Australia’s efforts. The Board has strict infection control procedures that all dental practitioners must follow. They also regulate general procedures, practices, and licensing requirements for individual dentists and practices.

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Although many dentists who do porcelain veneers in Thailand do excellent work, they aren’t subject to the same strict hygiene rules that keep their patients safe.

This is part of how they can provide work at a lower price. When it comes to a permanent procedure like veneers, it’s not worth it for patients to go for a cheaper option that’s less-regulated.

Going all the way to another country for porcelain veneers has hidden costs of its own. In addition to paying for a plane ticket and hotel room, you will likely need to take time off work. There is also a significant risk of additional delays due to weather, especially during monsoon and typhoon season.

You can easily look up reviews and information about local dentists in Sydney, Australia and make sure they have no significant complaints made against them. Your neighbours can vouch for the quality of a hometown dental clinic that has served your community reliably for years. 


Local Dental Practice

Sydney Dental Group is proud to serve our community with the best possible dental veneers and other dental treatments. Our dental practice in Baulkham Hills is staffed with a friendly and highly-qualified team that puts you first, whether you’re in for an initial consultation for a full row of veneers.

We put our best effort into every step of the porcelain veneers sizing and fitting process to make sure you get world-class cosmetic dentistry right here in Sydney. Instead of getting porcelain veneers in Thailand, let us get your veneers installed and send you to the comfort of your own home.

Contact us today at (02) 9158 6135 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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